David Booth

A New Entrance, 2019
Collaboration with Carla McRae
Adelaide City Library

We were incredibly humbled to be invited to listen to and facilitate a representation of the library community’s ideas for this important public space. We created an interactive form, prompting people to submit their ideas about the library, what it means to them, and what they believe should be included in the design. These ‘thought ingredients’ formed the building blocks for our mural concept.

The feedback from community was overwhelmingly positive. There was palpable excitement for the new technologies and opportunities for learning available at the library, alongside a sentimentality and unwavering appreciation for books and traditional media. We were also able to understand the sense of community and belonging people feel within the safe and inclusive walls of the library.

The final concept draws from all of these major thought ingredients, centred around the people and network of living things that make up the Adelaide City Library community. The folding abstract shapes and energising colours draw these groups together, drifting and circling at the entrance to a dream-like world that lies both within and beyond the library.


The ‘Portal of Possibility’ mural came to life by gathering thought ingredients from the library community. The positivity and love for the space was infectious and inspiring. We’ve woven together the feelings of optimism into a warm welcome to head upstairs to the comfy library where good things happen.

Photos: Jack Fenby