David Booth

ACTF, 2022
40th Birthday Fanart Celebreation
Australian Children’s Television Foundation

Working with the Australian Children’s Television Foundation to celebrate their 40th birthday has been an absolute thrill and a dream project. I dove into the archive to rediscover my favourite foundational show “Kaboodle’. In my mind Kaboodle had a big impact on my imagination and made me want to draw my own worlds. It felt different and uniquely Australian, as did all Lift off and Round the twist. I’ve drawn them all combined and blurred with all the other things going on for little 10 year old David, drawing and day dreaming in front of the TV everyday.

The bonus from this project was presenting this work as the parting gift to my hero Janet Holmes á Court as she departs the ACTF after almost 40 years of visionary service. Janet gave a stirring emotional speech, describing the energy and values she contributed to building the ACTF into a strong and important part of Australian culture to build young creative and brave minds.

I can’t believe this happened. It’s a also an honour to join my friends Cat Rabbit, Carla McRae, Magda Ksiezak and new friends Felix Colgrave and Tim Meakins

You can click through here and here to read the full article about the project.