David Booth

Fitzroy Primary Vis Tes Rêves, 2023
Collaboration with Carla McRae
Fitzroy Primary School

Vis Tes Rêves

We worked together on a new mural for the Fitzroy Primary School community.

The artwork comprises a big joyous collection of ‘stickers’ we’ve designed, built up and layered over each other, bursting with colour and positive affirmations. Mantras for being kind, brave and dreaming big are scattered amongst cheeky frogs, dancing trumpets, book worms and peace doves. We hope that with the myriad of designs and messages, the space will feel welcoming and encourage a sense of ownership, belonging and fun for all who gather there.

Fitzroy Primary is a dual language school, so we made sure we included some french stickers 🇫🇷 Formidable!

Thanks so much to Amber Fletcher for these special photos capturing the last day of painting.