David Booth

Time Feeling Slippy, 2021
Hugo Michell Gallery

I’ve been building a world in my mind for a long time now. Playing around … Some curious drifting. Sometimes I feel like a well-resourced professional child when it comes to play. I like to zoom right out and think about the world from a safe distance. I like looking at images that show the scale of our sun alongside the Rigel or Antares stars. It feels like scale and time travel.

This space is where I save my memories, it’s like a big visual catalogue. Underneath the Koala Icon is every photo, drawing, figurine or sticker from my childhood containing a koala. Each time I visit the world of ‘Caring Deeply’ I draw them all. My mind traces each outline so that each time I draw a koala they contain every koala I’ve ever met. My giant library of ‘Caring Deeply’ is a loading screen, a save point, a video game – millions of images stacked and filed in a gridded space that reaches onwards to infinity … and beyond.

I’ve had two lines running on repeat like mantras whilst making these drawings and paintings. ‘Anything could happen (and it could be right now)’ by the New Zealand band The Clean and ‘How now feels’, a line from the recent Adam Curtis documentary. Maybe these lines help set the mood for approaching the works. I hope that sharing my world of ‘Caring Deeply’ helps others access their own. Spending time thinking about how now feels really has made time feel slippy.