David Booth

True Colours, 2021
Life Blood

Let’s travel down this road and back again, side-by-side, together. Because we’re all connected, don’t you know? We’ve got to stand strong and we’ve got to share the love. Thank you for being a friend.

I’m really honoured to team up with a great bunch of artists to be part of the True Colours campaign for Life Blood. I’m still new to donating blood, but I really hope this campaign helps encourage more people to donate or continue to support the important work of Life Blood. The bandages we’ve designed look great and I can’t wait to see people showing their support and sharing images of their bright new bandages after their donation this month.

My first donation was a few months ago. It was really easy to book online and I was really overwhelmed by the experience of having a big think whilst sitting at the Life Blood clinic making my plasma donation. As I looked around the room I couldn’t help but think about the different stories and motivations for all the other people in the clinic donating. I’ve been back four times during the lockdown and it was a real treat to see the great reaction to my design on my visit last week. It definitely feels like a tangible action that I know makes a big difference in the community.

Big thanks to my fellow artists: Kaylene Whiskey, Ken Done, Vipoo Srivilasa, Frances Cannon, and Eric Bridgeman.

Curated by Abi Crompton.