David Booth

Woodleigh School Mural, 2022
Aussie Minimbah Magic
Woodleigh School

I was invited to visit the Minimbah Campus of the Woodleigh School in Frankston. Spending time with the year 5s and 6s, we were set the task of beautifying the walls around their canteen.
I introduced the students to my work and we got into some good chats, play and drawing time. There was heaps of fun as we had a big think about Australian animals and why they are so special and unique.

The young artists had some really clear ideas about their passion for connecting with our vulnerable wildlife. Koalas were a popular topic of the week. It started off simple and then got weird and funny. Many of the animals acquired hats as extra protection from the increasing temperatures.

I gathered up all the sketches and we made a design, picked some colours and got stuck into it.
I was really impressed with the braveness and amazing conversations that emerged while painting this piece with the students. I think they impressed themselves with their talents and many keen students squeezed in as much extra painting time as possible before and after classes returning at recess and lunch to enjoy the process and find more ways to connect with the project and extend the scope and vision.

Projects like this are a huge inspiration to me and I know the students feel the same. I love the painting we made together - Let’s do more.

Receiving authentic thanks and feedback at school assembly was healing, moving and deeply memorable - thanks so much.

Big thanks to all the young artists at Minimbah. I had the best time and I miss you all.
Extra thanks to Aviv for making this happen - you’re a star.